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Acceler8 is for 14 to 18 year olds (2 year project)

What is Acceler8?

Up to 12, 14-18 year olds, from all over Cornwall (and even some over the border in Devon!) meet for twelve residential weekends a year, for two years. This residential weekend project is called Acceler8.

Active8 started this group because young people were quite often isolated in their local community and schools and wanted something they could join in with. The members travel a long way to get together, put a lot into the weekends and, as you can see from the photos, they spend some memorable times together. Acceler8 can help you get involved in accredited awards, sport, music, community groups and many other activities which use your skills and talents to the full. Numbers are limited because of space: we try to give the places to those who need it most. Are you someone who could join Acceler8? If so, take the leap and get in touch or complete our referral form



Each project is designed for the needs of the individuals but here is a list of events that our Acceler8 2017-2019 cohort got up to in the first year of their project

Screen Printing
Girls Pamper Session

JUNE - Intro day and theatre trip

JULY - Taster day Graffiti session

AUGUST - Quad biking and water sports

SEPTEMBER - The Eden project arts and craft festival and cinema

OCTOBER - Sailing

Player Ready, Plymouth

NOVEMBER - Cartoon workshop and powerchair football. 

DECEMBER - Christmas party, cake making workshop and Christmas shopping

JANUARY - Zoo and bowling



FEBRUARY - Driving assessments, wheelchair basketball, theatre trip and Duke of Edinburgh prep


MARCH - Bowling, graffiti workshop and Duke of Edinburgh prep

APRIL - Paignton Zoo and first aid training

MAY - Drum workshop, circus and Duke of Edinburgh prep

JUNE - Spa day and Duke of Edinburgh prep

JULY - Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition.
Also attended the Kidz to Adultz exhibition in Bristol.


Acceler8 is such an incredible experience, as a member you will get to take part in activities that you may never have thought would be possible! As a person you will grow each month and share the whole experience with people that you will stay in contact with long after the two years are up. It is such an exciting experience, you will never want to leave and the memories that you build will stay with you forever!


Wow what can I say the last 2 years has been the most amazing experience ever ! These people has changed my life for ever thank you for being the best group ever I have done so much with active 8 that I would never have done if it wasn’t for them I would be in a different place if I never join this group

I’m so so so glad I did I don’t regret anything. Thank you for an awesome experience over the 2 years just want to let people know if you have a disability don’t let everyone or anything stop you you can do anything! And achieve everything you want to

Thank you for an experience of a life time with the stuff I’ve done !

Friends for life now love you all so so much. Roll on the future with these lot The thing I’ve learnt is wheel chairs never stop you !! See you all soon !! Xx


Welcome to Acceler8 (Even if there are more than 8 of you) If you're up for it, the next two years will be full of wicked weekends suited both to being active, enabling you all, no matter what your ability to try something you never thought possible. As well as chilled out weekends where the most you'll probably do is sit around, chat, watch DVDs and get advice on stuff that's troubling you. Accler8, if you'll let it will become one of the best weapons in your arsenal, it'll open you up as a person, lead you to awesome opportunities and be the most exciting part of your month. It gets even better though, as you'll be doing all of this with a group of fellow young people who you'll instantly connect with and be able to swap and share experiences. Not to mention you'll also be introduced to a group of dedicated volunteers who are sure to make your weekends ones you won't forget for a long time!




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