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Active8 currently has 9 trustees: they meet every 2 months. Their role is to employ and support staff, make policy and financial decisions on behalf of the charity, and ensure it continues to serve the purpose for which it was set up. Some trustees are also members of our youth work. All trustees are aged 18 and over and have undergone an enhanced DBS check.
Some trustees represent a particular group of people e.g. volunteers, parents, young people, and/or have a responsibility for a particular area of Active8 e.g. Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Treasurer, Fundraising, Chair.
Julian Tyson riding a bike

Julian Tyson

Chair of Trustees

I have been a trustee since April 2017 and have had a fantastic time working with Active8. I try and take part in the activities when I can because of the enthusiasm and fun which both staff and the young people bring to every event. My professional job is a family solicitor helping families and children. I am also a Lieutenant in the Army Cadet Force running Camborne detachment and teaching First Aid in the ACF throughout the county. I’m a trustee for Pentreath, a charity working with people recovering from mental health difficulties. In my spare time I like running, kayaking and going to the gym. I also take part in Bodmin Musical Theatre Company  productions. 

Penny Monger

Penny Monger

Deputy Chair & Health and Safety Officer

Hello, I’m Penny. I’ve been involved with Active8 since 2006 when my daughter was a member of the Acceler8 group. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to her life and how it continues to do so and so was really pleased to be asked to be a trustee about six years ago. In my other life I’m a sports massage therapist (although I’m possibly the least sporty person you’re likely to meet!) In my spare time I sing in a couple of a cappella choirs and love going to any type of theatre.


Paul Staniland


I moved to Cornwall in 2013 when I retired from full time work, after many years visiting the area. I am a chartered accountant and have always been keen to support the local community. Since becoming involved with Active8 I have been impressed with the activities of the charity and the difference it is making for the young people. In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities, including tennis and walking.

Mark C

Mark Curtis

Legal Support

Hello, I’m Mark. My involvement with Active8 goes back to 2011 when I was a member of the Acceler8 programme. I loved my time in the Acceler8 programme and made great friends and gained the confidence and life skills that have served me well ever since. My positive experience with Active8 through the Acceler8 programme inspired me to become a trustee so I could support the incredible work the charity does with young people. I have been thrilled to be involved with the positive development of Active8.

​Outside of Active8 I am a law graduate of the University of Exeter and work in business administration in Exeter. I am also an avid sport and film fan and can be found regularly at Sandy Park Stadium or in cinemas!

​Becoming a trustee of Active8 is a terrific opportunity and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the charity’s growth.

Chloe Walker

Chloe Walker

Care support 

Hello, I’m Chloe and I have been a trustee since February 2023, I enjoy being involved with Active8 as they have a positive impact and make a big difference to the lives of young people in Cornwall, which is something I am particularly passionate about as a registered Social Worker.  

In my spare time, I enjoy the great outdoors and you will find me either walking, paddle boarding or riding my motorbike when the sun is shining! 

Anne Jeffery

Anne Jeffery

Leadership mentor

I moved back home to Cornwall in 2017 after many years working overseas in my own business developing leadership skills within organisations. I am passionate about enabling young people to lead full and satisfying lives and that’s why I really enjoy being involved with Active8. I am an outdoors person and regularly walk the coast path with my dog whilst, in the summer, sailing and camping are high on my list of priorities.

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens

Safeguarding Lead

Hello, I'm Mark!! I've been involved in Active8 since 2006 where I was a member of Acceler8. I loved my time in Acceler8 and met some of my closest friends there. I have been a Trustee for over a year now, and love seeing the charity grow and grow. Outside of Active8 I work Truro & Penwith College as a College Sports Activator. Basically I encourage students to be more involved in physical activity by delivering daily activities. Sport is my passion and wheelchair basketball is the sport I love most. I currently play and coach the only Cornish team.

Felicity Gibbons

Felicity Gibbins

Staff Support Lead

I have known about Active 8 since the beginning, as I was Liz Olive, its  founder’s, partner!  My role was usually to stay home and look after the dogs ..but you can’t live with someone for 25 years and not get involved at some level with their  great interest and passion!

My role is staff support - so lots of cups of coffee and hot chocolate! I am now Active 8’s greatest fan ..I am SO impressed with what great work the charity does and with the wonderful young people who are part of it all.

Cheryl Everitt

Cheryl Everitt

Parent Representative

Hello, I’m Cheryl.  I first became involved in Active8 when my daughter became a member of the group.  She absolutely loved it, having a fantastic time and making some great friends.   So I was delighted when I was asked to be a trustee, having seen what an amazing job the charity do for young people.  I work as a teacher, teaching English to foreign students.  I love travelling and am always trying to plan the next adventure! 


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