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for 18 to 30 year olds (ongoing)

This project supports 18-30 year olds to find and maintain friendship and allow them to take part in activities that without help they couldn’t afford or organise. The project helps them to become more independent. Active8 encourages young people to become more autonomous and explore independent living, travel, volunteering, employment and leisure.


Most importantly, Active8 gives young people a community within which they feel safe, with shared peer experiences, and allows young people to receive and give support and friendship. This project seeks to further the links between young people, by designing and delivering a peer mentoring service, requested by the young people, for the young people.


In Cornwall, this project fits well within our local community. There are is no other agency working specifically with young people with physical disability. There are groups that we work and signpost to, that offer activities to young people with learning disability but Active8 fills the gap of young people without intellectual impairment and with physical disability.


The project will have day and residential activities going on once a month and will include activities such as clubbing, city trips, arts and crafts, sports, festivals, bowling, theatre and the list goes on….


Alongside this, the Illumin8 members are developing a training program with staff to become mentors and support others that may be experiencing the challenges of having a disability in Cornwall.


We are always open to new recruits so please get in contact to find out more.

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